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Rules Regarding Nominations

  • The product must be made in California. The manufacturer’s headquarters do not need to be located in California.
  • Nominations must include the name of the product, the name of the manufacturer, link to the product/manufacturer’s website along with the name, email, and telephone number for the person making the nomination. The nominator’s information will not be made public but may be used for verification or follow-up questions from the CMTA staff.
  • Nominations must be made through the website. Written, emailed, or other nominations will not be accepted.
  • Products nominated can be from any sector of the manufacturing industry.
  • A company can have multiple products nominated, but only one product per company will be allowed into the First Round (Top 16 products). If a company has more than one product in the top 16 after the Popular Voting round, the product with the highest vote total will be that company’s sole entry into the contest in the Round of 16.
  • Products that made it into the Top 16 Round in the inaugural competition in 2023 are not eligible to be nominated for the 2024 contest.
  • Products nominated are subject to qualification verification by the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. In case of questions about nominations, CMTA will make every effort to contact the nominator for additional information.
  • The California Manufacturers & Technology Association will attempt to contact all companies with products nominated for Makers Madness for every round of voting.
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